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Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Best Friend.


My Brother was born with Cerebral Palsy, He lives with us by his own choosing. I think for him it was kind of like leaving the nest and having more independence when he decided not to live with our mom. As hard as his decision was for her she let him make the choice because more often than not in his life choices are made for him. I love having him here, i wouldn't trade it for anything on earth.

My kids are Two and Five And i have often thought about if they even notice their Uncle is different. We had a conversation about him tonight and i have come to the conclusion that they don't notice because in my two year old's words "Him is like us".Why would they notice? to them he is just Uncle Nick same as he has always been they dont know him any other way. Im so thankful. I wanted to share Our conversation.

Beetlebee (my 5 year old) said to me "Mom i love uncle Nick, he always lets me play with his stuff"
LadyBug (my two year old) "Meee too mommy! Mee too i wuv hims too!"
I am so glad you love your Uncle! I love him too!

Nick With LadyBug, She was about three months here.

Beetlebee "Uncle Nick is your brother"

Yes he is my big brother.

Beetlebee "How come you can do more things , im sissys big brother but i do more things than her"

Well because Uncle Nick needs help sometimes. Even though im his little sister i help him because i love him. Uncle Nick was Born with something called Cerebral Palsy, some things are harder for him and thats why we help him.

Nick with Beetlebee, He was around 1 year.
Beetlebee "He helps us, he plays with us, and he likes the same movies we do and he is funny and silly"

I know, he is a good playmate Mommy used to play with him just like you play with sissy.

Ladybug "I wuv Uncle Nick"

Beetlebee "Sometimes when he gets sick i come and tell you"

I know you do, that is very helpful.

Beetlebee "will he always be our Uncle?"

Yes he will Always always be your uncle.
Ladybug helping Nick blow out his birthday candles on his 27th Birthday.

Beetlebee " How old is Uncle nick?"


Beetlebee "Sometimes he gets mad at me when i go in his room"

Dont you get mad if sissy goes in your room and messes with things when you are not in there?

Beetlebee "Yes"

Well thats why Uncle Nick gets mad at you when you do that.
Beetlebee and his Uncle Nick

Beetlebee "Oh" Uncle Nick walks so funny"
Ladybug "Him walks like me"
Beetlebee "walking funny is fun"
Ladybug "Yeah! I wuv it"
Beetlebee " Can uncle nick come to my class?"

Why do you want him to come to your class?

Beetlebee "Because i dont think anybody in my class has a uncle like mine and he can play with us and everybody will think he is cool"
Ladybug "i wanna go too!"
Beetlebee "I always wanted a uncle like him"
Ladybug "Mee too mommy me too!"

Arent we so lucky to have him? You know before i had you two Uncle Nick would say "When you have babies im gonna be the uncle nick!" I think he always wanted to be your Uncle too!

Beetlebee " I really do love him mom He's my Best friend"
Ladybug "Mee too mommy! I weally weally weally Wuv hims too! Him is my favowite friend"

I do too, I really really really Love him too! My bestfriend since the day i was born.

My Brother and I


Please don't be afraid of me

I want to be your friend.

And if you get to know me

Your rigid thoughts might bend

Thoughts that I am different

From others that you know,

I really am no different

And this I'd like to show

I live and breathe and laugh and cry

I love to play and learn,

I sometimes do things differently

Which can cause some concern

You see, some say I'm special

I guess this much is true,

But if you were to ask me

I'd say you're special too

We're all a little different

No two are just the same,

It's really something wonderful

that way there is no blame

When things don't go just perfectly

And others get confused,

And say things like "poor child"

and other terms they use

It's okay if you look at me

And might not understand,

It's okay if you touch me

And even hold my hand

My life has many obstacles

Much more than you could know,

But that's not what I dwell on

I'm me, that's all, and so...

Please don't be afraid of me

I want you just to see,

How truly great and wonderful

A friend like me can be



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