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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Words of Wisdom!!

Where on earth did you find those fortune cookies you were eating in bed this moring when i came to wake you up for school?

Whose poop is this in the hallway?

Stop picking your nose

Stop picking eachothers nose

Ok just pick your own nose!!

I need to dust now where are those babywipes?

Why are you being so quiet...What did you do?

Stop using your diaper as a pocket get those crackers and gummy worms out of there!

Your hair is NOT a napkin!

MY hair is NOT your napkin!

The couch is NOT a trampoline!

The bed is NOT a trampoline!

I am NOT a trampoline!

We do NOT eat things we find under the couch!

Throwing things in the toilet and seeing if they flush or NOT is NOT a game!

If i have to tell you to eat your dinner again i will melt all the ice cream in the world with my mind!

I really hope thats chocolate on your face!

I really hope thats chocolate on your hands!

I really hope what you just shoved in my mouth is Chocolate!

Where is your other sock?

Why are you looking in the toilet for your other sock?

When i tuck you in bed and shut the door behind me it does NOT mean it's time to break out the disco ball,lasers and pyro to have a wild party and chug your sippy cup.

I just heard a loud bang where is your sister?

I just heard a loud bang where is your Brother?

I just heard a loud bang where is the dog?

When i say mommy needs a timeout you do not have to bring me the timer!

Throwing the dogs toys on top of the ceiling fan then turning it on and watching them fly around the room is NOT a game!

You cannot save snowballs under your pillow for future use!

Is the sippy cup your sister has in her mouth the one she lost last week?

Toothpaste is not to be used as glue... EVER!

We do NOT put the dog in the oven of your toy kitchen!

BTW We do NOT put the dog in ANY oven ....EVER!!

Dont sneeze on the wall just to hear your snot splatter!

No matter what you hear your daddy say he did NOT pay money to a man in a cheetah print coat and cowboy hat to get mommy!

No matter what you kids do Mommy will always love you!