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Friday, September 16, 2011

Case of the missing Glaze. This could happen to your Family!!!

It's Friday, Some Friday's we order pizza which is what we did. I got the usual, plain cheese for the kiddos, pepperoni with extra cheese for the rest of us, bread sticks and of course you got to have wings!! I thought i would live a little and throw in some cinnamon sticks. Everything arrived looking yummy we ate our pizza, the kids played for a little bit then it was time for Cinnamon sticks......Only when i opened the box there was NO GLAZE. Who eats cinnamon anything without glaze? Its like Thanksgiving without the turkey, Christmas without presents, Bonnie without Clyde, Thelma without Louise, Milk and cookies without the Milk!!! You get the picture?

This was a travesty, so off i went to the pantry to see if i had the stuff to whip up some fast and easy glaze. This could happen to your family and being the nice person i am "ahem" here is what i came up with,

2 cups of Powdered Sugar
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
1teaspoon water (not sure if this is really neccessary but it's what i threw in)
1 tabelspoon Milk

Mix, with an electric mixer (i tried by hand at first to no avail) all the ingrediants except the milk. Then add your milk, i know i said 1 tablespoon but add enough to make it thick to your liking.

Im thinking you could put OJ in it for orange glaze if you wanted.

Trying to show the thickness.
Now thats Cinnamon Sticks!

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