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Monday, October 18, 2010

Sister Wives

I will admit that i am a reality TV junkie, Once i hear about a new show i will give it a try believe me there are some CRAY-ZAY one's out there! When i heard about Sister Wives my first thought was "sweet! this is going to be entertaining!" Ah the simple joys i get from TV Wasteland! This is what happens when you're a stay at home mom and the kids go to bed.....

Sister wives is about the The Brown family, Kody Brown- the mack daddy with the flowing blond locks who looks like he secretly applies bronzer to his face. Meri- The first wife who doesn't seem to realize that she has put up with Mr Ken wannabe for 20 years and can Pull Rank as she is numero uno! Janelle- the second wife who seems to be the only one with a career outside of the house... and takes full advantage of the living arrangement by having the other wives watch her kids while she works all day......Smart Woman!!! Get That Money Gurl!! Christine- the third wife who is a lil whacked but that makes her my fave of course. She stays at home with the kids and seems to be the most nurturing and caring one. She also lets Kreepy Kody know when he is out of line more so than the other two wives. Then there is the 4th wife Robyn- Can we say people pleaser? She tries not to step on any one's toes but fails miserably....I mean 16 years with the other three wives and then she brings her skinny behind into the mix? Home wrecker was flashing on a neon sign in my head when she came on the screen.

Nevertheless it seems as though these woman have serious self esteem issues which makes me feel bad for them. There are obvious jealousy issues which leaves me befuddled as i cant see why They would choose this lifestyle. To each their own i guess.. I believe everyone deserves a right to marry who ever the hell they want to marry.

I want to get back to Kreepy Kody...this guy has 800 kids and yet he drives a tiny sports car? What the hell! He also had said that he rotates nights with the wives so they can spend time with HIM......In my mind that translated to "Guess who gets a piece of Kody Kake tonight!" See how i spelled cake with a K.....Get it? Bwah ha ha I'm dying over here! OK let me wipe the L off my forehead and move on...Kreepy Kody comes off as a really nice guy most of the time but there is always the underlying creep factor in the way he carefully analyzes what the women say...Or the way he sneaks off to kiss his then fiance while his third wife is in labor uh yeah that should have earned him a cast iron pan to the head!!

I just finished the last episode of season 1 , Kody and Robyn get "Married" and the other wives get rightfully pissed off when they find out Kody picked out Robyn's dress when according to them "he didn't care what they wore to each of their respective weddings" I sense jealousy when Robyn gets to have a huge reception after the wedding while the other three did not for various reasons. A moment that really threw me for a loop was when first wife Meri was helping Kody get ready for his wedding to Robyn while staring longingly into his eyes,giggling and saying "i wish it were MY wedding night" Yeah Creep factor could not be measured due to the fact that it just blew off the charts right there.

I know i sound really judgemental but hey it's a reality show with people who chose to broadcast their lives to millions. Anyway i hope there is a second season so we can see how Robyn will fit into their family/house and if child 801 makes appearance. Or which wife finally loses it and goes all Waiting to Exhale on Kreepy Kody's ass. My money is on Christine :-)